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Slow and steady.  For some reason, I feel obligated to connect everthing to all the nations before I go connecting to all the other areas in the knowledge base. This comes up all the time as a big hurdle that keeps me from working on lower-level, meatier areas. A great deal of the interest I find is in the low-level areas.


I've been dabbling in futures studies, trying to connect them to nations, and  "widening" my bridge to current events, that is, catching up with the four nations and four communities I last added, and reorganizing links to the Middle American Indian peoples.


I've also been doing a little bit more work on peoples of the world. These nearly all very much behind in their progress. I ought to have every single nation linked to all seven of the major areas of knowledge, from history through science, with an external link or two, and I have a long way to go to catch up on that. It's not that this is hard to's just that with as many nations as I have, by the time I get done with history development, I've been out of steam.  However, all four major groups of peoples are thoroughly linked to other nations. 

I mentioned that Western Civilization is almost fully connected. Just a little more science, and the next thing to do is go through the list of people important in Western Civilization and distribute them according to the groups they belong to. History and everything else get more interesting when I can get them connected to particular peoples. In order to do the analysis of history more properly, I also  need to do more work on social structure and change, and I'm getting closer to sufficiently done with the top level page I can start work on this.


The institutions, religion, government, economics, education, and families have been lagging behind. The habit has been to connect all these to nations before going any deeper, but I need to try to bypass this a little, and work on connections to things such as culture, anthropology, and science. 


Culture is well on the way to having its highest level page complete, when I get done with its connections to human geography. The anthropology page is finally connected to nations and cities, and the Personal studies page is connected to nations and working on cities, while the science page is within a few days of having all the nations connected.


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