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  I got a bit tired of analysis and linking of particular days. I'm still about 2 weeks behind, with the gap at the end of November and events of December, and I may possibly lag a but further, since I'm working more intensively on other subjects.  As I've been working on the future, attemtping analysis of the United Kingdom in October, beginning to work backwards in time from the bridge to current events, and look more deeply at things like Latin and Asiatic peoples and social structure and change, I've noticed quite a bit of the unevennes of development, and I feel a need to fill in some gaps.

    I have been recently trying to use a  "short form" summary to indicate what areas I am currently actively working on, or what areas I need to work on next.   One thing that this shows clearly is that my explorations backward in history have a definitely uneven lengtht. The connections to the early 2000s, for instance, and to the late 20th century, are quite short and poorly developed compared to the 19th century or 2008.  I've been trying to get to groups of nations such as Asiatic peoples, and working on deep aspects of social structure and change and keep getting bogged down in history and connection to nations. The short form  outline of what I'm working on and what I want to work on is definitely needed.

    For some time, the areas of economics, education, and families have been developing much more slowly than religion and government. I have been connecting these to nations, to try to pick this up. This will open up a couple of areas of culture that badly need more attention.  I've also been working on Anthropology, which is somewhat better developed than I had thought.

    I also finished up the connection of nations and communities from personal studies and science. This is allowing work on applying  social structure and change of these subjects.


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