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The Sapience Knowledge Base turned 6 years old on Christmas Eve.  I've done a fair amount of progress in the past year.  I have filled in many of the gaps between previous stabs at history, and added pages for 144 of the nations of  the world, and done substantial work in connecting other areas to nations and peoples.


I have one more link in the bridge to current events complete, the page for 2009, just in time for the New Year. I can't quite close out the fourth quarter until the new Year, but I have everything in place to just keep going with events without having to stop and create a bunch of new pages.   I started to go deeply into the analysis of October and November, and found that Ireland has had a rather surprisingly large block of events. In the process, I wound up adding a dozen more nations, which led to some progress in organizing South American indian peoples and Central Asia, which were two large blocks that I had been putting off.


This coming year, I expect that I will be able to make progress on historical analysis. The last quarter is very close to requiring examination of particular peoples, and I expect to be able to fill in events of the previous two quarters and last year: I may even be able to get to the previous two attempts which were partly done.  I should also be able to do more in the 20th century.


I'm nearly complete on the addition of nations: All but about 8 countries of of over a million inhabitatants have been connected. Most of the remainder are small Island nations, and filing in  these will not be one of the higher priorities. in the new year.  Instead, I will be doing more work in  particular communities, which will involve subdivisions of the larger nations. I also expect to go deeper into the social analysis of nations, and have more useful profiles of the major ones.


I also expect to be able to go deeper into the histories and international scope of religion, government, economics, and education.   Although I would like to consider things such as  sports, philosophy, literature, and mathematics and the analysis of objects, I'm not sure how far I will get. 


I do not expect studies of anthropology, biography, and science to be a big focus in the coming year. There are still so many subjects in between these and the events of history and nations that it will take more time before I can get to them.



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