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I hope this year goes better than the last one.


I posted the lastest batch of updates to the SKB last night, so all the work I have been describing for the past six weeks is now up and visible.


Work continues. There is minor progress in the early 2000s, which now has more nations connected than the late 20th century does. Within the late 2000s,  there is progress going on with 2007 and 2008. Within 2009, there is progress going on in linking nations to the first and second quarters, in analyzing events for July and August, and in categorizing them and connecting nations for September The Fourth quarter 2009 is almost complete. I also moved January 2010 from the future to the year 2010, which was prepared for it.


It has seemed oddly urgent for me to get caught up with connecting nations to particular months of the last quarter in time for the new year.  It will be another day or two for me to close out the old year, but doing this will allow me to comfortably start digging deeper into the analysis of historical events and particular nations.


There is not so much going on in the sociology section just yet. I am close to finishing out some additions to Western Civilization, still hung up on events of Anglic peoples, but I have copied some of the historical events of the last two months to the UK and to Ireland. This will start to give me something to work with.


Athough they doesn't seem to be quite heavily demanded just yet, I did some work on connecting Anthropology, Personal studies, and Science to Education, Economics, and Government respectively.


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