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I've probably complained before that work on the knowledge base can sometimes be mechanical and tedious. However, the development of the last quarter has paid off with an unexpected feeling of satisfaction.

Development of the future is still on the mechanical side, and so is connecting nations to 2010 and the first quarter. I am reminded again that here is no sharp break between events of January 2010 and those of December 2009.


However, the analysis of events is one of the more satisfying areas of work. Most of the compilation and categorization of events has been rather hasty and crude, and needs to be refined. .As a sample, in the analysis of events of December, I've begun with the United Kingdom. Several events of the first couple of weeks can also be examined under categories of social change, government, and the like. This will continue with each nation I examine.   The connection of more communities will allow more detailed analysis of the larger nations.  As events are added to social structure and change, various social trends and movements  will begin to take shape.  The institutions and culture aids sections of December 2009 will have more events and will require closer examination. Right now, I'm also linking various areas of anthropology, since several of these will be connected when I have a more thorough analysis.

For November 2009, I'm doing the same kind of thing, although I'm a little bit further behind.  I had done some of October, but set this aside for now while I concentrate on the more recent months.

I haven't forgotten earlier periods: The third quarter 2009, for September  I've finally done the rough categoriziation of events by major group of peoples, and August 2009 is also undergoing an analysis of events. Earlier periods are mostly set aside for now.


I've also been making progress on the connections of high-level areas. Institutions are now connected as far as the rest of the knowledge base permits, Further progress will depend on its subdivisions.  Culture, Anthropology,  Personal studies, and Science are also being connected, but have further to go.


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