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As I mentioned at the first of the year, I intend to put a bigger focus on other areas besides simply connecting nations. Although there will be a certain amount of maintenance and keeping up with current events and the like, there will be a bigger focus on nations.

To this general end, I did a certain amount of analysis of December 2009, just to get a sense of closure on the addition of some aids topics.


I also did a certain amount of updating to the early 21st century history of Western civilization and  Anglic peoples. (This is obstinately refusing to fatten up enough that I can excuse splitting off the 20th century, which is necessary before I can split the overly fat US history file. ) There are enough connections to the United Kingdom that I have moved this into its own file so I can split the page and create a history for it.  Asiatic peoples, communities, social structure and change have also hade some improvements, mostly in linking the early 21st century and some of the last dozen nations added.

The history of Institutions now has a modern history page, and the application of institutions to culture has also been split off into a separate page. 



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