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I decided to back off on making the connections to government and culture, and on following current events.

Instead, I've temporarily gone back to the older approach of working through history and expanding the connections of nations. Too many important developments in other areas require a deeper background of history.  Connecting Iraq and the Assyrian empire in early classical times was a significant achievement, and connecting Arabia to the origin of Islam was another. This isn't enough yet, but it is progress.

I have also begun something I've been putting off for much too long: going through the nations of the world and updating them. Some of these pages haven't been touched for a year and a half and going on two years. There should be an external link for each nation, and most of them don't have one yet. I also need an improved historical outline for each nations.  Considering all the work I've done on connecting historical periods for nations, there ought to be better connections going the other way around, and I need the external links to help fill in the details.  I've gone through Western Civilization doing these updates, but the rest of the world has a ways to go yet.

I've also added a few nations and cities. The nations aren't really that important, but I'm within a dozen or so of all the nations with a population of over 1 million, and these last few can prompt some important subdivisions of groups of peoples.  Communities will be more important in prompting subdivision of nations.  China will be the next one to go, and I'd like to get historical updates in place first.

I keep wanting to connect social structure and change in general  and Instututions in general to the development of nations, but I keep putting this off. I'm getting there.

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