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I've been doing a review of history, trying to regularize the coverage a little more. A while back I was pushing prehistory pretty hard, but I've gone back to working back toward it from the present. I didn't make much notable progress in antiquity, but this may improve when I get to details of Asiatic and other peoples. I've been doing a little work on late prehistory to the 5th millennium BC in Israel, but it may be a while before this gets added to the site. The information I have on  early antiquity in Europe isn't quite consistent,.  Most notably, I made some progress in Balkan peoples for the classical and medieval period.

so I have at least a few notes to go from. Modern history has had some minor progress.


   Partly this is because I have a whole lot to do in connecting nations. Modern history is rather far behind. Adding links to nations is going slowly..I'm working through West Africa, but I don't have much historical content for these yet, and for application of other areas of sociology to particular nations, I've only gone as far as the Latin peoples. Applying social structure and change and instutions is going more slowly.


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