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I reached a couple of progress points on the SKB.  One of them is that all 144 nations listed on the site  are now linked to at least two external sources: the Wikipedia article and the CIA World factbook entry, in case users of the SKB want more detail. They should..most pages are not really in very good shape. Now that the basic pages for nations are in shape, I will be going through periods and topics with attention to nations, in order to fill in content I have been skipping over.  Another is that each nation has at least a skeletal summary. although in too many cases it amounts do "I don't know much". At least the form is there.


In classical and medieval history there is still quite a bit of work to do in filling in Asiatic peoples, but there has been some visible progress. In the 15th century I've at least made notes on things such as the Hundred Years War between England and France, the Wars of the Roses, and the Tudor dynasty, and the beginning of the Renaissance. It will probably be a while before there is much substance to this century, but there are now a couple of landmarks in place. The earlier centuries don't have much solid information.


Modern history in general is too general, but Western Civilization and nations of Asiatic peoples now have at least a skeleton. I can't go back very far for African peoples or American Indian peoples, so the modern history will be important.


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