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Sometime progress seems so slow that it feels as if I am trying to push through an overgrown thicket or ball of which distributes my various efforts in a hundred different uncooordinated and fairly unproductive ways.   I find myself going back to an old idea of trying to identify the areas where the resistance because I don't know enough is greatest and developing those.

To a considerable extent, this is because I have linked all kinds of historical periods to nations, but not developed much content for those nations. The program of going back and adding some historical content to the pages for nations is still working.

I don't have much progress in Prehistory, Antiquity, or classical and medieval history to report, since these are not all that heavily demanded. 

There is more progress in Modern history in general. This is being applied to African peoples. There also hasn't been much progress in the 16th to 18th centuries. For the 19th century I have more notes on Italy and France, In the 20th century, a review of the Balkan peoples is giving a more concrete picture of what was going on than the vague, fuzzy notions I hade. The late-mid 20th century of Italy and France has also improved a little.

Sociology hasn't been well applied to nations. Working on this has involved slight improvements in re-ordering the topics of sociology, which should help improve the flow of discussion, so far mostly within Western Civilization.  Peoples of the world also haven't been well applied. These are currently being used to develop Latin peoples. For several of the larger nations, I have had a program of connecting nations, and using these to form regions which  can then be sorted to identify regions of closest contact, on the theory that the immediate neigburs are usually (but not always) the largest influences. This has been most successfully done for the Anglic peoples. Not all the nations that are considered part of Western Civilization yet link back to it.

In Anglic peoples, this has gone far enough that I have cross-connected areas. It is no great surprise that these link back most heavily to the United States. What is more surprising is that the US is not itself more closely linked to other nations. considering its size and influence, I had proceeded some ways on this before turning my attention to other areas, but I thought I had gone further.

I finished the project of creating external links to nearly all the nations, but I skipped over cities when I was doing that, so that's also in progress.

I am starting to apply the social institutions to particular nations. This isn't too useful just yet, but it will be when I start getting deeper into details of religion, government, economics, and the like.


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