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For the 20th century, I now have outlines for the Levantine countries...Israel, Jordan, Syria, Paletinian territories, and Lebanon. Since these have assumed such great importance in the last 70 years or so, I've finally gotten around to a rough sketch.  I'm most of the way through Latin America in the 19th century: It hasn't been as big and obstacle as I feared. However, in order to get to more detail, I need to tet this broken down by periods, and I'm not through the 20th century yet.  


I've made steady progress in connecting areas of sociology including peoples of the world, nations, and communities, and social structure and change to particular nations.  but nothing really liberating or noteworthy has come up yet. I'm getting closer, though.


Institutions in general are now connected to the nations of Western Civilization, which is one marker of progress. For religion in general, I'm making progress through the Latin peoples, which will also be liberating, but I'm not quite there yet.


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