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Dis I forget to mention that I put a round of updates up on the web?  A couple of weeks ago, actually.


I keep intending to blog more regularly on what I'm doing, but I keep forgetting and putting it off.

I might note that I've been doing more with the 18th century. That's mostly gone through Latin America, but Latin America isn't connected to as many nations as the 19th century is. The 19th century is advanded to the Middle East, for the the 20th century I am starting to work through Africa.  For details of the late 20th century, I'm also working in Latin America...I was in Bolivia for two years from 1978 to 1980, so the names of the leaders from 1981-2000 were mostly familiar...several of them were recycled from the previous 20. I've allso managed to get far enough through the late 2000s that I can begin to resume work  on current evens of 2010 again, and I have about three months of stuff to catch up on as current events progress.


One of the reasons i have to keep backing off this is while I can connect historical periods to nations, I also need to look at the same events from the national perspective in order to make a story, and I had not been doing this. I;ve been working heavily on reviewing the existing nations before I go adding more new connecttions. 

I'm not entirely done with reviewing nations for connections to peoples: Nations of Western Civilization and Asiatic peoples are working through Africa, and it;s mostly happenstance that the 20th century is at about the same point.  I'm trying to make notes on some of the nations about where I am in, and what should get developed next.


I might mention that I finally have my provinces and cities for China sorted out. For an overview, there is North Central china (the Yellow River Valley, mostly), South central china (the Yangtze River Valley, mostaly, Southern Coastal China, Southern (or western) interior china. Northern China is between Russia and Korea, and Inner Mongolia, and far Western China (which includes the Gobi desert and Tibet), and two or three large cities each for the four most populous regions.

Communities are being linked to external source files (mostly wikipedia, for now), and I've managed to get through Western Civilization and asiatic peoples. Africa has fewer large cities to deal with, Social structure and change is fairly early in the process of connecting nations, and these connections don't go very deep.


There is also progress on the major institutions, which are approaching connetions to African peoples (again). I had been working on connections to religion, government, and economics, and though that economics was presenting the biggest obstacle to going deeper, but no, it's religion. I have about 40 nations of Asia to connect to that before I can proceedd on to government and economics in a reasonably orderly fashion.  Also, the connections to these are shallow. but I've known that for some time now, and it's one of the things i wanted to improve this year. 


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