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I keep trying to create a short summary of what I am working on, and what I ought to be working on, and it keeps getting out of hand. I finally managed to do one.


In history, there is only a little bit going on in  classical and medieval history, until the 16th century is more advanced. I had the illusion that I was "almost done" with reversing the connections to nations in modern history, since the general-level 16th century and 17th century are getting close. The 17th century is well into Africa. The 18th century has had the nations reversed, but will need more connections to nations. The 19th century is still not quite ready for me to examine the late 19th century.

   There is quite a bit of connection to be done in the 20th century, but before I get to the other areas, I still need to finish the reverse connection of nations. I thought I was making more prgress than I was, but the late-mid 20th century is now connected back from all nations it connects to. I am interested in getting the earlier periods connected, so this time I skipped over the late 20th and early 21st century.

  I also skipped over most of sociology, since this is being handled indirectly by making connections to history. Connections of communities, and social structure and change are being skipped for now. Likewise, connections of communities are being skipped for now

   I made some substantial progress on linkinng culture back to nations, but it will still take a day or few to get through this.  I would like to begin serious work on getting Anthropology, personal studies, and science connected, but for now, this is waiting on the nations connected to getting culture in general. .


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