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I decided to go back to the history end to work on reversing the connections to nations.


The third millennium BC in Europe seems to be connected to the transition from Neolithic culture (new stone age) to the Bronze age. This starts getting into rather specialized archeology, and my various sources don't say much about it yet.  The nations of Europe are starting to get the 2nd millennium BC chopped into bits, but since there are so few records, I have little detail. Asia and the Middle East are getting the early 1st millennium subdivided. This is getting into Biblical times and places, although many of the appropriate nations are small and will have bo be done later.


Middle Eastern peoples and India have had early classical times sliced up by century, and the rest of Asia has been getting late classical times divided. Africa has begun getting early medieval times divided, and the Americas are getting late medieval times divided.


I haven't done much with modern history, except that all the cities that have a significant 18th century history have been connected. 


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