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Going back to the third millennium BC and the 2nd Millennium BC doesn't reveal a great deal about European history. I will need more sources for this. I did a little bit in Middle Eastern history of the early first millennium BC.  I did a little bit of work through classical and medieval periods.


I also added a few more cities to the knowledge base: Singapore, Guadalajara, Mexico, Alexandria, Egypt, and Chittagong, Bangladesh now have pages.

I also began to move Poona, India, St. Petersburg, Russia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Nanking, China into the main body of history.


One of the sources I am now using for some of my study of World history is "A History of World Societies". 3rd ed, by McKay, Hill, and Buckler.  I find that this is now in an 8th edition, but I don't have the means or inclunation to pursue a newer one. I will be using other sources, anyway, since I have learned over the years not to trust any one textbook  for anything.


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