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I have been working on the connections of nations and antiquty. I've gone back to the 5th millennium BC for the United Kingdom and Spain, revised the outline, and included a little more information. It isn't very much, because Prehistoric European archeology is one of those domains of experts that doesn't seep out very well to the general public. But there is a little bit.  I expect to be working on this more. 


I have also been expanding the range of nations connected to particular social changes, such as the agrarian revolution, as I call it, and the Industrial revolution. I will be working more on this because it ties in to antiquity, and because I have put it off for some time while working other things. 


I finished the reverse connection of nations to anthropology. Going forward, I will be connecting these to more nations, and the nations to the various aspects of anthropology. There are only about a dozen nations connected to biography, but improving these connections will very much needed, especially for the more recent periods of history.


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