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The project of connecting nations has led to the 2nd millennium BC.  I was surprised to learn that all my Western civilization and World history books treat this period rather scantily, in spite of giving a chapter or two each to them. Most of them deal with matters of law and society, and touch on only a few of the more famous rulers. Nevertheless, I did make some progress.


This is an important and somewhat controversial period. The second millennium BC has the Middle and New Kingdom of Egypt, the Hittites, and the old kingdom of Babylon. The origins of the Hebrew Bible seem to fall in this period, which make it an important period. It appears that the majority of scholarly opinion puts the Israelite Exodus from Egypt about the 13th century BC.  I believe this is about two centuries too late, and would put it in about the 15th century BC. I don't have a great deal of evidence for this, yet.  Many of the details of this period are obscure and clouded by academic controversy anyway, and it will take a deal more study than I have been able to do to clarify them.


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