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Progress has been slow in my review of antiquity. I'm still involved in reversing the connections of nations. The review of Germanic peoples was disappointing: I found some information on the possible origins of Germanic-speaking peoples in about the 2nd millennium BC, but nothing at all on older inhabitants of the region. Russia was even more barren of useful information. It is probably available, but not from a quick Google search.


The reverse connection of classical and medieval times to nations is now (finally) done, and I have done a little extension of the periods to a few more nations. One of the objectives is to get Greece connected, since I can scarcely work on classical history without it. I've got it linked to early medieval history: getting close.


With Modern history, I finally have Portugal linked to the 16th century, so I can, at least in principle, start looking at the Western expansion of nations. In practice, not quite yet.


I've also been looking at the expansion of social structure and change and connections to nations. This seems a promising area of inquiry, but I'm also inclined to be careful. For various reasons, I still need to finish my current review of antiquity.


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