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No, i didn't finish working in antiquity when I finished connectiong nations back to it. What this did was clear the way so that I could start connecting more. 

For the 5th millennium BC, connecting Iraq was personally satisfying. For some time, study of ancient Mesopotamia had been one of my various minor intellectual interests. This piece of the grand puzzle of Ancient history is now in place.  Connecting Saudi Arabia also raised  a question that has been niggling at me for some time. Although there have been attempts to locate the original homeland of the speakers of proto-Indo-European languages, I have seen very little information about where the original speakers of Semitic languages came from. Was it Arabia? Did this become desertified like the Sahara, about the same time? I will have to set this question aside.

Connection of more nations to the 4th millennium BC didn't involve anything quite so interesting. I am most interested in neigbors to Sumer and predynastic Egypt, the closer, the better.

Jumping ahead to the 18th century, I filled in some gaps in my knowledge of Ireland. I knew about the Great Potato Famine in the mid 19th century, but I hadn't realized there had also been a severe famine about a century before that. I've never paid much attention to Irish history. I had bits and pieces that I picked up here and there from various reading, but I hadn't tried to sit down and put them together. Now, I have a little bit better structure for it.  British rule of Ireland was not particularly just or benevolent.

I'm also working on updating the Site map. There are quite a few aids pages that haven't made it in there yet: the last time I had worked on that was last November. I was horrified by how badly I had neglected it.  It looks like I'm going to have to reorganize it again, History is especially fat.


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