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In the process of adding connections of historical periods to the various nations and peoples, I have been repeatedly struck by how much I had skipped over details in my haste to just get the links created. In history, for instance, I had a lot more commentary on European nations than I did on Asian or African nations, and more commentary on those than I did on how the various divisions of social structure and change apply to history.  So, I started doing a rewrite of those parts of that page, and the idea expanded: What's good for that page is good for another/   Right now I'm attempting to sketch the roles of African peoples and religion in history. I'll have to take another pass at this later when I have more detail, but for now, I need more than a bare listing of links.


For Antiquity, I've made progress on Arabia, Yemen, and Romania. I haven't quit working on this, but it's going to slow down a little bit. I've made enough progress on straightening out some of the bumps and lumps in the development scheme that it's time to shift some of my attention to modern history, which still needs work on the reverse connections, from hations back to historical periods.  I've been doing things like giving a little more detail to the bare sketch of the 19th century history of the US, an outline of post-independence Mexican history, and Kenya in the 20th century.



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