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On the SKB's birhday last December, I listed some of the goals I intended to work on for the coming year. I expected to get more historical analysis done, and to add more communities.  However, in the process I found that I needed to stip and fill in historical information about nations, and add connections to the various other subjects. I have now almost finished the big project of reversing the connection to nations and making links  from nations to other subjects, except for historical events of the last five years.


In the next six months, I expect to be connecting more nations to the various historical periods, adding earlier periods to nations, and filling in details on finer divisions of historical periods, principally in modern history and recent events.  I expect to be referring to a greater variety of events as well.


I've had a specific goal of making reference to Greece in early classical times: that's almost a keystone of history, and I'm very close to getting that properly connected and placed.  Nearly all nations of over one million population are already included. The remainder are more important in helping establish and subdivide cultural areas than their size alone would indicate, so I expect to be finishing the list.  I also expect to be examining the largest and closest neighbors to nations, in order to give them more context. I expected to be adding more communities. I've done only a few so far, but this remains an important goal.  I also expect to be adding more detail to the analysis of nations and communities by developing and applying social structure and change.


I also expect to be adding more detail to the social institutions of religion, government, economics, and families.  Although I eventually plan to do the same for major areas of culture, anthropology, personal studies, and science, I don't expect to make much progress in the next few months.


That's the plan. We'll see how much progress I can make. 



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