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I'm nearly done with the big project of reversing the connnections to nations, so that nations are now connected to other subjects. What remain are the tail ends. One of these is prehistory, another is in modern history before the late-mid 18th century, another in the 20th century before the late 1970s, another at the level of particular years in the past ten, and another in personal studies and science.   From here on, most of the work that involves nations will include links going both directions.


There are several other, lesser projects to take its place. One of them is finishing up a rewrite of how nations and peoples are helpful to history in general,  A second is the connection of cities to particular centuries. This is mostly done for modern history, but I am working back into classical and medieval times. A third is a rewrite of how nations apply to modern history.   A fourth is a rewrite and expansion of how Asiatic peoples have influenced Western Civilization. There are several other lesser projects also going on,  including resolving the tail ends of the big reversal project. It's hard to guess which of the various things I am working on will be finished first.


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