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I finished a rewrite of how the peoples and nations of the world apply to history in general, and a section on how government applies. This latter is really skimpy since my studies of government are not yet well developed, but it's a start. I'm making steady progress on connecting cities to periods of classical and medieval history: I've finished linking them to the centuries of modern history. Progress on expanding the connections of modern periods to specific nations is continuing. The 19th century, the 1970s-1980s, and the last three years are getting some attention. 


For Sociology in general, I've done about as much of a review of history as I can manage, and I've been working on rewriting the section on how religion applies. For Peoples of the world, I've been reviewing a summary of their development in antiquity, and reviewing the application of social structure and change.  Western Civilization is getting a rewrite of antiquity and a discussion of how it is affected by Asiatic peoples: in particular, the Middle East.  Anglic peoples are also getting a rewrite of history and a rewrite of how they are influenced by Latin peoples.


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