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I finished the rewrite of aids to history and began to start cycling through them again. It should go faster this time, but several subjects have been developed, and there will be new pages going in that will need to be connected.  I thought about adding more nations to those that are being applied to history, but decided against it because a couple of these are African nations, and the peoples they would belong to still need to be reviewed.


The rewrites of aids to classical and medieval history and modern history advanced far enough that I can resume the rewrites of prehistory and antiquity. This will allow the possibility of reviewing histories of the major groups of western peoples. There may not be much change in the earlier periods, but the later periods do need to be reviewed.  The program of adding connections to other nations is also progressing. As I think I mentioned, at one time I had set these aside, but  since then there has been enough development in history that I can start to pick these up.


The broader - based review of connections is still producing updates and changes in pages that hadn't seen development in a year or two or three. For instance, in the 20th century, I now have references to when the League of Nations existed. I am not a great fan of military history: it's one of many topics in which I have a minor interest, but back in the beginning when I was working heavily on a biographical basis for history, I accumulated a number of references to wars and battles, and had a fairly lengthy list of them. This has now been chopped up into periods so it isn't quite such a lengthy, formidable looking list.


There are also a number of topics mentioned in social change, Asiatic religion, government activity, and philosophy which don't yet have pages created for them.  These lacks are starting to get severe and irritating enough that I expect to be creating several new pages soon.


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