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After a lengthy detour, I'm back on the ground.


First, there was diversion to Runescape that turned into a two-month-long obsession.  I burned out and went back to other things. 


Then I got frustrated with the lack of progress in history and started looking at other topics. I haven't totally neglected history, but I found that pages devoted to month-by-month summaries were much too fat, so I decided to go to week-by-week summaries, Those are still too fat, but not as much so.


I've also been watching conservative politics, and that keeps me somewhat concerned. Some of the dedicated politics-watchers are way ahead of me on factual knowledge.


I picked up my computer books again, and am starting to work through one of my old college textbooks, C++ Programming by Deitel & Deitel. I just might make some progress this time around.


I haven't neglected my addiction to F&SF reading; new works by Brandon Sanderson, Stephen R. Donaldson, and Lois McMaster Bujold caught my attention, and I've been participating on fan sites and mailing lists. There is enough conversation going on about

wider subjects to pull me back into the wider community.


I've also resumed a study of chemistry.  The Knowledge Base (as of the next update) will have a complete list of elements and Periodic table, and at least a page for the most common 20 elements. There's a madness to my method: I have a couple of pages on the Freelance Traveller website where I discuss Planetology and worldbuilding from a chemical point of view, and I'd like to bring most of that discussion, in a slightly different form,  to the Sapience website. That, in turn, will give me a better foundation for earth science and biology.  Eventually, that is. 


My methods have a tendency to drift toward the mechanical: I'm going to try to watch that.  I've also decided that sometimes I'm too quiet and restrained, when I should open up and talk a bit more, so I may try that, too.



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