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I've been trying to get the history section close enough to caught up on current events that I can start using the rest of the knowledge base to comment on them.  I should reach that point by tomorrow.

I notice that the same kinds of protests that resulted in the changes of governments in Tunisia and Egypt have begun to spread to Yemen, Algeria, and even Iran.  I don't trust that all the changes that come from the public protests will be good, but. I particularly like to see "emergency" degrees that have stood for over a decade being abandoned.


This is an entirely different matter from the protests going on over teacher's unions in Madison, Wisconsin.  Wisconsin isn't Egypt., Walker hasn't run things in Wisconsin by emergency decree for 30 years and hasn't been shooting protestors or journalists.The courage demonstrated by the Democratic State Senators who have left the state to avoid losing a vote is comparable to that of a student who ditches class to avoid flunking a test.

The teachgers can protest all they want, but throwing a public tantrum about their rights to force the state to pay them more than the state can afford  isn't likely to get them a whole lot of the respect and pay and benefits (mostly pay and benefits) they seem to think they deserve as professionals.


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