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I've done one of my usual shifts of direction. I had mostly got caught up with current events, and decided that I needed better connection between other areas of the knowledge base, so I stepped away from current events to work on connections between other areas.  Institutions, Culture, and Anthropology are now better connected to each other.   This prompted yet another review of history, and I have been working on prehistory, antiquity, and classical and medieval history.


One of the difficulties with history at the general level is that I need to divide the Balkan peoples into subgroups before I add more nations, and to divide the Balkan peoples into subgroups requires that I make more interconnections with other nations.  However, I have decided that  I need to do this for Germanic and Northeast European peoples first.  Since this is rather tedious and repetitive, I do it in small bits and pieces, so it's fairly slow going.


Prehistory is moving ahead. This is beiing connected to major periods of history, or rather, the major periods of history are connecting to it.  I have been working from this period to expand Northern East African peoples and to examine the Agricultural (or Neolithic) revolution.  For late prehistory, I have begun creating stubs for each half-millennium.


Antiquity is also being examined. This is likewise being reconnected to later periods of history, and used to prompt examination of  Mesopotamian peoples and Persian peoples. The subdivisions are being connected to the institutions.


Classical and Medieval history is also being connected and used to prompt examination of Italic peoples. Its subdivisions are being connected to culture.


Modern history is so thoroughly connected at the most general level that I am more interested in the individual centuries,  which are also being connected to culture.  I expect to be cycling through history, adding a few more links each time through, for a while yet.



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