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  That is, the third-level subdivision of history on the knowledge base has been  pushed all the way back to where I am beginning. Most of these finer divisions are stubs without much connected to them, but they are so far a convenient size to think of.

   In another sense, my study of prehistory is just beginning.  I have reached the point where I can begin making notes on cultural change, specifically the transition from largely nomadic hunters and gatherers to settled farming communities.

   For antiquity, I'm not quite there: I'm still working on making connections to what I call the agrarian revolution, or the development of civilization.

   For classical and medieval history, mostly I'm connecting the major subdivisions to parts of culture.

   This process of linking is nearly done for the centuries of modern history. For now, I am looking at the 20-year periods of the 20th century.


    I have also been making more links among the major nations; the dozen or twenty most populous, and the peoples I have assigned them to. This will eventually help when I go to fill in details of their history, because for each nation, I have been attempting to list the connected nations in the order of proximity or major cultural influence.


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Confutus said...
Yes, I have been working on it for years, and although it has been primarily a resource for myself, I have posted it in hopes that it will be a public resource as well. I have been working on it alone principally because no one else has shown any interest. That is at least partly because I don't have a good, simple, short explanation of what this project is or intends to be, other than the thing itself. For mutiple reasons, I am unwilling to do any more self-promotion than simply making it publicly available. I would welcome collaborators or contributors, if any were willing to work with me on this.
April 4, 2011 08:47:22
Alice said...
It seems that you have been working on your database for years, yet it is not strictly a resource for yourself or your own research experience, but your posting it online seems that it attempts to be a public resource for other people to draw from. And yet it seems as if you alone are the person gathering the information through your own personal study, in areas of information in which you do not personally specialize? Am I right? Why are there no other contributers, or why is this resource not opened up as a Wiki-like database? It seems, other than your own personal structural preferences that you are spending time researching information that other specialists have at their fingertips and could contribute. I guess I am not certain what this project is or attempts to be.
April 4, 2011 03:03:10
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