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I'm still using history, and especially prehistory and antiquity as entry points.

For prehistory and antiquity, I've rearranged the major groups of nations to put Asiatic peoples in first place, since more is known of the Middle East in these periods than Western Civilization.


I'm also teeny-toe dipping into more specifics about Ancient Middle Eastern nations, as a proper foundation for later periods.  However, most of my work the past few days has been on subtopics of social structure and change. These topics, such as the agricultural revolution, the development of bronze age, iron age, and industrial society, and the structure of societies have been present but undeveloped for a good long time. They are now getting at least preliminary connections to the institutions of society, areas of culture, and topics of anthropology that will give them substance.


I've also been starting to develop more connections from Asiatic pagan religion, since this is better connected to the periods I am currently interested in.


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