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Still and again.

it seems that I committed the infelicty of focusing early prehistory on Africa, especially Eastern Africa, while I have focused middle and late prehistory on the Middle East, which interferes with my idea of a reasonably coherent account of the transition from hominid societies to modern human societies. The archaeological record as presented in various different countries is spotty and incomplete: some Wikipedia articles go into great detail regarding early and middle antiquity, while other treatments are sketchy or absent.   This seems to partly reflect the actual state of research, partly the filtering processes of different authors, and partly the state of development of the knowledge base: for instance, the histories of Syria, Israel, Palestine, and Jordan are notably not yet connected all the way back to antiquity. This is, after, all, one of the purposes of this knowledge base, to present such a cross-cultural examination of periods of history in order to to identify such gaps.  I do what I can. 


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