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While working on prehistory and antiquity, I decided it was time to start making the connections between periods of history, which led into working more on classical and medieval, and modern history. This slowly morphed into a more thorough review of all the connections, and for these periods of history, I started making more into connections of culture and anthropology, such as geography and demography.  When I had gone through history, I decided to move on to Sociology and peoples of the world, and review their connections to history.

Most often, when I have reached this point, I decided to skip over things lightly and go back to history, but not this time. Instead, I am using this as a means of developing history. The focus has principally been on the more recent periods; Modern history, the 20th century, the early 21st century, the early 2011s, 2001, with each of these connected in slightly less depth so far. This is another version of  the "bridge" idea I had.

As a byproduct of this focus, I have achieved one of the goals I had been working toward: Making links from the early 21st century, and late 20th century, to specific individuals. Some of the short, brief,  biographical sketches are several years old and were last updated in 2004, which is an embarrassingly long time ago. 


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