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It's been almost three months since my last post here. I haven't died, although I did take three weeks in July to travel to Arizona because a family member did.  I gave up on the attempt to keep up with current events, and shifted my focus to beginning my analysis of history in January 2011. I now have the main pages for the early 2010s and 2011 connected to all the divisions of Sociology as far as it has been developed, which will speed up the process of connecting current events. The first quarter 2011 and January 2011 are fully connected to nations, and I have some analysis for the weeks of January. I still don't know if I can catch up and keep up with current events, but I'm getting closer. 


   The interconnections among nations are also improving; Western Civilization in general and the United States in particular are almost fully connected to other nations, so when I go to analyze current and recent events, I can sort out international events dealing with the various other nations.  I have also begun a greater concentration on connecting the areas of social structure and change. For some time, I have been interested in considering histories of social movements such as the industrial revolution, socialism, feminism, and numerous others: This part of my studies is about to begin in earnest, as I connect these to more history and more nations.  I hope that this will begin to add more content and substance to my discussions than the rather boring scaffolding linkage of nations and periods of history that have dominated my efforts.


I have not quite penetrated into the discussion of religion, although I keep getting closer to more detailed discussion of this as well.


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