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I should be doing another site update soon. I haven't quite kept up the pace on my analysis of history, but I'm creeping up on it; I now have events almost through September, so I'm only about two months behind, which is an improvement over six. 

Although most of the events tracked by Wikipedia are included, I have been reorganizing them and separating them out by region and country. Most nations haven't yet been separated out from the mass of detail, but events of Western Civilization have been separated out through May, and a few of the largest nations (India, Pakistan, China, Indonesia) have had also had events separated through March or April, so that the history of the nation can be followed.  I will gradually be adding earlier and later events as well as more nations.

I've also been working on the sociological analysis, so that I can follow major social changes and movements, social change factors and processes, types of society, and elements of social structure. I should have more information about this, by my next post.


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