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I had begun posting comments for a day when the Michigan primary came along, and I was biting my nails. The next day, I think I watched his victory speech. It totally changed the opinion I had, which was formed from the conservative sites. I saw a bold, clear, program of actions, courage to do things that other candidates have said can't be done, and the will, and the skills, to do them.


In a couple of days, Andrew Breitbart died, and there was mourning in conservative circles. I had seen his name, and been familiar with the results of some of his work, and liked it.  A clip of one of his confrontations with a group of protesters, asking them if the even knew what they were protesting, impressed me with his bold courage.


Something woke up. I feld that I have been too passive,  content to sit back and watch and wait for events to unfold. I decided that, since I am already a fool and can't escape it, Or at least I do and say foolish things, or look foolish, that I am better off being a bold one who does and says something, than a wise man who sits and does nothing and says nothings.


Since I;m already doing it, I decided that my chosen area of activity would be political blogs and commentaries, and I would speak what I believed and was sure, using the best knowlege I had. I had considered voluntieering with Romney's campaign, but at present that involves phone calling, and I have discovered that in person I am usually weak and unpersuasive. I enjoy writing, and the struggle to express my thoughts cleanly, clearly, and effectively, so that is where I have chosen to work.


I have negligible power or influence, but such as I have or can muster, I mean to use. I'm making progress..a few people are starting to take notice and respond. That's a start..


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