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The weekend was a busy one. I took my mother to a High School reunion in northeastern Arizona on Saturday, to church Sunday, and a funeral on Monday. I've been doing a little work on Family history, and I got results from some medical tests.


I'm doing a comparison of propositions of classical two-valued logic as developed in Whitehead and Russel's Principia Mathematica. 

1.01 P -> Q defined as  ~P v Q

As already discussed, this is not true in Lukasiewicz 3-valued logic.  

1.2 (P v P) -> P

True in 2VL and 3VL

1.3 Q .-> (P v Q)

True in 2VL and 3VL

1.4 (P v Q) -> (Q v P)

True in 2VL and 3VL

1.5 P v (Q v R) -> Q v (P v R)

True in 2VL and 3VL

1.6 (Q -> R) -> ((P v Q) -> (P v R))

True in 2VL and 3VL


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