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Since I resumed work on the knowledge base, I hav been working on examining the future. Although prediction of all the details is impossible, there are some things that can be examined by looking at particular trends. 


One of the prime resources for looking at the future is the immediate and recent past, which is why I have been working on recent events more than older history. The hiatus of the past six months means a lot of work to catch up on, but many of the basic techniques are worked out. 


The past year still needs to be connected to many more nations, and the current quarter. October is far better developed than November, which has  just started. It takes a little time to fully analyze a given week, so I am bound to be somewhat behind on current events. My object is to give my examinations of the future some memory and perspctive.


 From events of mid-October, it is evident that the consequences of yesterday's US Presidential election and the civil war in Syria are ongoing matters that will merit continuing attention.  More continuing events and matters will surface as I uncover, ort out, and review other recent events.

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