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If one looks for it, there is lots of blame to find in Romney's loss..There is a lot of "I told you so" going on among his critics. A lot of people claim that he didn't fight hard enough. But the politically conservative message of small and local self government and moral self-restraint is a hard sell. We may never know whether it would have made enough of a difference if Romney had run his campaign differently and tried harder to sell it,  or if one of the other candidates had been chosen.


 But he famously said this to a heckler during the campaign:


Remind them of this, if they want more stuff from government tell them to go vote for the other guy-more free stuff.  But don't forget nothing is really free.


They do want free stuff, and they did vote for the other guy, and they did forget that nothing is really free. Not all the Obama voters, but a substantial fraction of them. 


Speaking of the future, the Israeli parliamentary elections are coming up in January, and the outcome of the US election is bound to have an influence. 




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