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Although I've been working on connecting recent quarters, months, and weeks to major countries, and sorting out events of the last month by countries and peoples, this does't yet produce much insight. Some events don't continue fom week to week, others resurface at intervals, and I need a little bit longer a base to work with.  


   One of the consequences of the recent election is a wave of layoffs, from companies whose executives were hoping for a Romney victory and a repeal of ObamaCare, and relief from burdnesome regulations and companies. Now that that isn't going to happen, companies are activating their contingency plans and an already dismal and recessed economic climate just got that much worse.


   Various investor's services were already threatening another downgrade of the US Bond rating if the US doesn't start to balance its budget. With further depression of the US economy, the budget crisis gets worse, as revenues shrink.


    Various conservative pundits have observed that the Democrats out-campaigned the Republicans. I had wondered about that. It was no accident that the Democratic strategists and pollsters accurately predicted the outcome..They knew something and some things, and did something, or things,  that the Republicans didn't.

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