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I keep thinking "Just a little bit more" and I will start being able to do some real analysis, and every time, something else comes up to delay it a little. One of the difficulties, I have mentioned, is that the most important developments can usually not be identified by looking at a singe week. They unfold over several weeks and sometimes out of public sight, and I need to have a month's worth or so of events, and to have them sufficiently categoried,  before I can do much except in the vaguest, most general terms. 


I'm not impressed by the claims that Islam is a religion of peace...not when I see Islamists engaged in warfare in places as widely separated as  Nigeria, Libya, Syria, Burma, and the Philippines.  Admittedly, Christianity as practiced hasn't been all that peaceful in times past, (and I'm thinking mostly of the Crusades and the wars of the Reformation)  but then, speaking from the LDS perspective, state-sponsored Christianity hasn't been all that christian.


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