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Getting caught up with the analysis of the last two weeks wasn't going to be all that easy.  One one hand, I've been categorizing events by nations and peoples. On the other, my source material has categories such as international relations, armed conflics and attacks, politics and elections, law and crime, business and economics, arts and culture, disasters, sports, and science and techology.  Religion gets scant mention, although it's hidden underneath a lot of politics.  

My categorization by nations so far yields not much. It doesn't, usually, until I can at least separate out the middle east from other asiatic peoples, and until I get through politics and elections.


The US failed to protect its consulate in Benghazi. It needs to be asked whether this was a failure of will (which amounts to a betrayal of our own people), or a failure of ability (which points to incompetence).  Why was there not better preparation ahead of time? Why was so little defense offered during the attack? And why has the response been to offer evasions and excuses? Those are still important questions.


On another blog I follow, the opinion was offered that we should not judge the President to be an evil man.  My response is that LDS are enjoined to seek for and uphold good, honest and wise men for public office. This requires us to make harder, tougher judgments of character than we would for ordinary individuals. My judgement of Obama is that he is neither honest nor wise enough to be fit for the office we have elected him to.  The consequences and responsibilty for whatever he may do are ours.


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