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er, not much. I have extended my re-categorization of events by nations to the last three weeks, and partway to the beginning of September, but this goes slowly. I am starting a different approach to the same material, which is to look at nations and peoples and so some of my summarizing there; so I will have, for instance, Russia, or Pakistan, or Nigeria for the past three weeks.


I note that there is a controversy about Susan Rice, who is the US Ambassador to the UN, and who went on TV a few days after the attack on on Benghazi to claim that there was no evidence that this was anything other than a spontaneous reaction to a video, while General Petraeus has testified that he knew, and reported, that it had been a planned terrorist attack. Someone is lying. I have my suspicions about who and why, but there's not much I can do about it now.


I also note the demise of Hostess...I've been trying to get away from Twinkies and the like, but it looks to me like the unions figured that the owners were bluffing about demanding wage cuts or else they would have to go out of business. Evidently, it was no bluff.  


I expect to see reports about hostilities between Israel and Gaza. I think I'll save my comments on that for when I am better informed.


Meghan McCain is threatening to leave the Republican Party unless they change their stance on women's issues. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who takes Cosmopolitan as her scripture and (the late)  Helen Gurley Brown as her prophet, is not only free but welcome to go.


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