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While in Utah, I got to see the latest Star Trek movie. Yech.  When I was young, I was a real fan of Star Trek. I guess I've grown up, because it's lost its magic. Not all the original series has aged well, but it still has moments. Unfortunately the new movie had precious few of them. It mostly became a typical action movie with lots of stunts and flashy special effects, but not enough character. I'm not sure that anyone in Hollywood knows how to write anything else anymore. 

My particular objections include the opinion that the time travel device has been overused. Star Trek has never been particularly strong on either realism or consistency, but this plot had enough gaping holes it to fly the Enterprise...make that all of Starfleet through them.  Kirk had FOUR almost-falling-off-the-precipice scenes, about three too many. He was also played as brash, cocky, and hotheaded, and convinced that the rules don't apply to him. There was always some of that in him, but this Kirk is just a kid. He cannot command himself and doesn't belong in command of a starship. For starters. I read that there are two more movies,  a trilogy in the works, but I refuse to spend money on them.


There's a nasty political fight brewing in the House of Representatives. The Senate will be too busy in a rules fight to do much. Senate Majority leader, in a display of strongarm partisan politics, is trying to kill the rules that allow the filibuster.  In the House, a number of bold Democrats are claiming that the dire warnings of financial and economic disaster if nothing is done about entitlement spending (Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid) are overblown. The Republicans will have enough of a majority to wring some concessions, but I expect the compromise to be too little, too late.


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Confutus said...
The original Star Trek hasn't aged well. The low-budget special effects of the 1960s aren't impressive, and some of the various cultural assumptions seem dated, given the changes in culture in the past almost 50 years. But it had its moments. However, the original Kirk had risen through the ranks of Starfleet and had grown into something resembling responsible maturity. This one had not. The performance of the younger McCoy wasn't bad, and the younger Spock wasn't bad. But I still prefer Leonard Nimoy.
December 1, 2012 05:52:40
Samuel Coons said...
I actually liked the Star Trek movie. It's the reason I even got into Star Trek in the first place. But I do see where you're coming from. The main reason that Kirk was so different is because it's a different Kirk. I also liked Spock and Scotti.
November 29, 2012 05:21:04
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