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It looks like Obama is going to get his way on funding the Federal Government using the Magic Money Machine.  Very well. Put not your trust in the Almighty Dollar, because it won't be too much longer before it begins losing worth and power.  Putin in Russia seems to be attempting to make it a 21st century police state representative of the Tsarist or Stalinist bad old days. In Egypt, Mohammed Morsi seems to have overreached himself with a power grab. I would not be surprised if he is on his way out, but if he goes, I have no idea who the next sacrifice to the masses will be.


With my attempted look at English-speaking nations and Israel, I got back a little farther into events in September and October. It seems I have the tail end of some interesting developments. Warfare in the Middle East and miscellaneous violent anti-government protests in Africa don't interest me all that much.


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