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I've finally worked through most of the overhead associated with connecting nations to 2012 and the fourth quarter 2012. December still has some overhead, but this isn't so bad. What;s slowing me down now is the connection of nations to earlier periods of history. This is letting me get glimpes of long-neglected things like the American Revolution and the Cold War.


I finally found a reference to something called Pussy Riot. A feminist Russian band? No wonder there were people making a big fuss over it. I'm not sure I know which side to take in their conflict with Putin, not that which side I take will make the slightest difference.


I've been wanting to pay more attention to Mexico: the inauguration of the new President and the policies of his administration will be something to watch. The intermittent reports on the Mexican drug war are also something I want to follow.


I had thought I was wrong about Mohammed Morsi being in political trouble in Egypt, but apparently protests are getting worse. If by some chance his proposed constitution is voted down next week, he won't survive. Syria's civil war is approaching an end of some kind, but even if the government is defeated, the situation is unclear. What is clear is that the post-war situation will be chaotic as well as violent.


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