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I decided that I'm going to have to temporarily forego the pleasure of probing deeper into the past. At several points in the past, I've gotten caught up to current events, and then fallen behind. As I've been working through a review of the largest nations and peoples, this shows up in an intermittent and spotty record.  This is not acceptable, so I need to concentrate on the last few years to get a cleaner, more continuous record of events.


At the same time, I'm also doing a little more work on the connections among nations. This is somewhat tedious, because if I want to connect two small nations, say Israel and Lebanon, that are near neighbors, I need to first go through connecting both of them to a whole list of larger nattons, such as Bolivia and Tanzania,  that may be halfway round the globe,  or not  particularly large or important themselves.  This can get tedious, but in order to maintain order in my development process, I have to do it  this way.  Eventually, the closer connections will show up.


In the current pass, France and Ukraine now have a reasonably coherent account of major reported events for the past few months.  I hope to be adding more nations and extending the accounts a little farther back. If the larger nations have a shortage of reported events, I will know that, too.


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