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I finally got caught up far enough on the analysis of the last two weeks to begin digging a little more into the other aids; government, economics, culture, particular groups, and biography. Some of these have to be brought down to the level of the current year, quarter, and month, but that has to be done only once for each period, so the next one will go faster.  In the meantime, I have found that it is hard to develop a subject in a vacuum, which prt of why I have moved toward analysis of history and away from the science end over the last few years.


Author Larry Correia offers an-opinion-on-gun-control that presents some of the best arguments against restrictions on gun ownership that I've seen in some time.


One of the problems with violence in movies and video games I see is that  no how matter how visually "realistic" it is, it is still fantasy. It seems to desensitize those who induge in it excessively, There's no need to clean up or deal with the aftermath,  there's no pain, there's no lasting consequences. I'm not advocating censorship. I'm advocating greater discrimination and better judgement in what media and entertainment we consume. Although moviemakers claim to be giving the public wht they want, the money people who decide what movies get funded, made, and advertised have their thumb on the scale.


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