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I was starting to get furstrated with my attempts to keep up with the news, so I'm setting that approach aside for now. A couple of years back, someone commented that my knowledge base seemed all outline and no content. That was a perceptive remark, and in spite of my efforts to catch up, it's still too much that way. So much of my making links seems rather dry and mechanical.


One of the problems with keeping up with current events is that I don't really have enough background in history. I decided to take a look at earlier periods, including classical and medieval and early modern history, and the biggest problem is that many of my links are still too general. I have lots of links to nations, but not many to regions or cities within those larger nations.  I don't have details on religion, government, or economics, cultural events, groups, or biographies.


I decided to go back through earlier periods and start creating some of those links...and things started getting interesting again.  Before I do much with classical and medieval history, I need to do more with the 16th and 17th centuries. This is helping develop a skeleton for the history of Abrahamic religion in general, and Christianity in particular.  I'm makeng progress on international government including colonial empires and modern compacts, and on national government. Government activities and forms, economic systems, and various elements of culture and technology are also starting to get more of a historical sketch. I've even begin updating biographies, some of which I haven't touched for four years. 


This is more like how it's supposed to be going. I will be taking several passes through history. Each time through, I will have a little more to add.

So I'm going to have a happy new year.  One way or another.


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