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Almost a month into the redo of the Sapience Knowledge base, I now have all 5 major divisions of history sketched.  The most useful of the aids will be national histories, grouped into the 4 major groups of peoples. Communities and social structure and change aren't yet very useful, but are at least connected.  


It appears to me, as I consider history, that the role of religion is often neglected, in spite of it having a pervasive influence on society, and so I will be giving some attention to it. Governmental and political history, including the history of wars and rulers, seems to get the most attention. I consider this an important part of history, but only part. The application of economics to history gets some attention. Family history is comparatively neglected.


I usually begin a pass through history with prehistory and then proceed to other areas. Most of what we now know of prehistory has been discovered, or rediscovered, with the development of archaeology in the 19th and 20th centuries. I eventually want to review this, working backwards from the early 21st century, but I don't yet have a good enough review of recent developments.  I also want to link to peoples of the world, but for this, I need to examine antiquity.


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