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For the history of the world, I am mostly attempting to expand the coverage to more nations and peoples.  The addition of Vietnam to nations considered results in expanding Southeast Asian peoples with the Philippines and the introduction of Southeast Asian Island peoples with Indonesia. Adding Mexico City to cities means moving Seoul to Asiatic peoples and Tokyo to Oriental peoples.  Particular social changes and movements, school systems, and chemistry are also connected.


Classical and medieval history is expanded to make use of African peoples.  Modern history with the addition of Mexico now makes reference to Northeast European peoples and South American peoples, and social types.


The 20th century now refers to Bangladesh. The early 21st century now has reference to Africa. The early 2010s now refer to Brazil, which means in turn that Anglic peoples, Middle American Indian peoples, and North American Indian peoples are connected. Economics is also connected. 2013 now has reference to India and Oriental peoples.


I added Ethiopia, and various other nations are now connected to nations in general and to communities, which will prepare the way for connection to other nations and peoples.


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