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I've added France and the United Kingdom to the list of nations. These are not as large as they once were, but are still important. History now has Germanic peoples, and modern history and the 20th century have connections to Middle Eastern peoples. The early 21st century now has connections to Northeast European peoples, and the early 2010s have the Southeast Asian islands. 2013 is connected to Tokyo. The second quarter and April now have connections to African peoples. I don't quite have this worked down to the current week.

The current week  and last week have some connections to Western Civilization, which seems to be largely involved with Asiatic peoples. I still lack sufficient depth on the Middle East. Pakistan and China are getting some attention.  Review of last week is going slowly because there there were more events going on than I yet have the ability to analyze at this level. This mostly just reinforces the need to add nations and peoples.

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